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Service Philosophy

It is our pleasure to serve.  We are a client-centered law firm.  We consider each client’s needs and goals and work diligently to create carefully tailored solutions that provide desired results. Our mission is to provide exceptional legal services and we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services...

Criminal Law Practice focuses on the following areas:

Federal  Our federal defense practice includes but not limited to

Asset Seizures & Forfeitures

Drug Conspiracy

Firearm Offenses

Fraud: Mortgage, Mail & Wire Fraud

State Felony & Misdemeanor

Municipal Misdemeanors & Local Ordinances

Juvenile Delinquent Felony & Misdemeanor


Civil Law Practice focuses on the following areas:

Business Organization



Debt Collection Defense

Employment Law

Environmental Law

Abatement & Nuisance

Local Code & Ordinance   Violations

Family Law

Child Support

Custody & Visitation


Juvenile Deprivation


Injury Law

Auto Accidents

Slip & Fall

Wronful Death

Premesis Liability

Probate, Wils & Estate

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